In the property management business, the continuous workload along with lots of legal paper work sometimes burns people out.

One has to be in office for all the things from smallest to biggest and have keep smiling even while dealing with the toughest situations. Property management software helps in reducing some of this labor work. Along with the internal software system, if your property management group can make people understand the importance of use of tenant portal use, it will be a win-win for everyone.

All property managers should make sure to emphasize the use of the tenant portal while renting out a unit or building. Here are the reasons:

* Saves time
* Reduces paper work
* Makes working process faster and easier
* Reduces human errors

Features of Tenant Portal

Practically all tenants can benefit from the use of the tenant portal. Today’s advancements in technology have enabled property management companies to have software that is smartphone compatible as well as with tablets, laptops and desktop computers. This means your tenants can use these services at any time at their own leisure.

Here are some of the benefits that property managers can highlight while introducing the system to new or prospective tenants:

ApplicationOne can find the application to rent the unit online and file it at any time of the day at their own convenience. This makes it easier for both parties, as online submission ensures that there is no delay and one can be placed on the wait list in need accurately.

Lease RenewalThis feature will help you retain the faithful tenants for a longer time. The thinking behind this is that when people start staying or renting a unit, they want to live there longer if they like the place. But when they are working and the business office hours hinder their ability to communicate with the landlord, it impacts the business relationship. It makes it difficult to report problems, pay rent and can impact their ability to renew the lease on time. But with the use of the tenant portal, it is easier for the tenants to express their needs and continue living in the same place.

Online PaymentWith the hustle and bustle of everyday life, people do tend to forget things. Things like paying bills, buying milk or calling a friend. These are very normal things that can happen to anyone in the world. Giving your tenants an opportunity to pay their rent online will make their already busy and tense life a little easier.

Ease of Assessing AccountTenant portal also helps tenants and property manager have transparency in terms of account management. Tenant can check their account any time and even update their personal info like a change in contact information. You can send group or private messages, and keep records of communications in case you need for legal reasons later.

Maintenance OrderThis is probably the easiest way a tenant can approach the property caretaker team about the maintenance related issue. At the same time management team can respond to tenant about the order status and assign personnel or a subcontractor to resolve the issue.

Online property management software systems offer a variety of features. The tenant portal is one of the most critical to make your life, and that of your tenants, easier while maintaining a positive professional relationship.