As a property manager, you are always looking for new business in the form of owners to trust you to rent their property for them. This includes collecting rent, maintenance and repairs and the myriad of other tasks that come with it.

Owners are going to look for property managers who have high occupancy rates and can demonstrate they are organized and responsible. They want the same things in a property manager that you look for in tenants. If you had to go through a similar screening process as that which you use for your tenants, how would your property management business rate?

Technology Tools
Using technology to have one system to manage every aspect of your property management business is a powerful draw for a property owner. Apexlink offers many positive operations and business benefits such as owner and tenant portals, maintenance checklists, work orders, association and communication modules and a complete accounting package. Apexlink lets you demonstrate to prospective clients how easy it is for them to receive updates, reports and information about how their rental property is doing.

They will also be happy to see how easy it is to collect rents with Tenant Electronic Payment. You can pay owners electronically and post vacant properties and units online. The ease of working from anywhere, marketing properties and vacancies and engaging with tenants and owners alike will enhance productivity and reduce cost – two things which make owners and property managers very happy.

Owners also want to see that you care about their property as much as they do. They want to know their property will be well-maintained and any resident issues are handled promptly. Apexlink allows you to pull reports that demonstrate your attention to detail and to the things that count. That engagement extends beyond you to your staff. Train them to answer resident questions and concerns right away.

There is an old rental adage that a property that “looks good, rents good.” Owners will want to tour your existing properties to see for themselves how well the system works. Beyond running maintenance reports that show work orders, response times and your ability to negotiate good rates, what their own eyes tell them will play a big part in their decision. You can also show them copies of your inspections, how often you conduct them, and the types of things you look at. These are all important factors.

Many property managers think that enforcing rent policies is the most important thing but owners are really looking for the complete package: someone that knows the state and local laws and can enforce the owner’s policies while still maintaining excellent tenant relations, perform effective marketing and maximize revenue through good business decision making. Demonstrate that you value their input, can make informed decisions and take good care of their property through state-of-the-art property management software and you stand a good chance of attracting new owners and growing your property management business successfully.