Tenant Property Maintenance is one of the most challenging aspects of property management which involves such little things as replacing light bulbs to plugged toilets and installing new boilers.  Add in landscaping requirements, snow removal and building repairs, and you have a lot to worry about, daily.

That’s why a good property management system includes a strong property maintenance plan. The elements of that plan are people, processes and programs.

Good Property Management Staff

People – the first thing you need is a strong leader to oversee property maintenance. Tenant Property Maintenance Work Order IssuesThat may be you, or it may not be. Whoever it is needs to be able to stay on top of current needs and tenant work orders plus plan ahead for routine property maintenance and weather checks.

Next, whether you have a property maintenance staff or hire vendors and contractors to perform your property maintenance needs, be sure to have a backup plan or two. For every area of property maintenance – plumbing, appliances, flooring, heating and air, landscaping, etc – have a primary and alternate means of being able to get the job done when you need it done.

Tenant Property Maintenance Work Order System

Process – Within your organization, establish the process for property work order management. Clearly communicate the role of the tenant in that process to all new renters. Use the communication module to send out monthly or quarterly reminders on how to use the online tenant work order form to report needed repairs or problems.

Once the property maintenance request or work order arrives in the property management system, determine who receives work order and acts on the issue. Categorize the maintenance work order request by service request, turnover, inspection and preventative maintenance, prioritize it and then assign to the proper person on staff or contact the primary vendor. Work down a checklist or list of steps to make sure it is covered.

Property Management Software

System – a good property management system is the program that pulls it all together for you in one easy location in the property maintenance module. It provides work order management to streamline your operation.

Tenants submit their maintenance work order request and you are notified of the necessary check or repair. By receiving property maintenance requests online, you can enhance communication, enabling a better tenant/landlord relationship. Once received, you can contact the appropriate people to resolve the issue, providing timely response and possibly saving money in addressing a repair before the condition worsens.

You can schedule mobile inspections to save managers and staff field time. The system should allow you to run reports, giving you the ability to accurately and immediately track patterns in reporting, costs and assignments. It will also provide reminders on upcoming preventative maintenance, when to double check on a repair for effectiveness and much more.

Property Maintenance Management does not have to be a time consuming, difficult task. By utilizing the right people for the job, a smooth process from initiation to completion will tie it all together; you can save time, money and headaches.