Home Sweet HomeOne of the first things a rental property manager must understand that is you are not offering a product to a customer. You are offering a home to another person. While it is a business, it is a business driven by personal relationships, a sense of value and mutual respect.

Misunderstandings can arise from both sides. You need to clearly talk to your, rental property, tenant about important rental aspects since you own or administer the space they are living in, but remember they consider it their home and will be fiercely protective of it.

To establish that mutual respect, follow some ground rules.

Establish them with the tenant from the beginning.

  • You must never enter the rental property unannounced, unless it’s an emergency and the tenant cannot be found. Visiting the apartment/house for quick checks will make your tenant uncomfortable. Do not pry into the privacy of your occupants.
  • As a landlord, also it’s necessary that you answer your tenants’ problems and try to solve them as much as you can and only if they are in the area of your responsibilities. Sometimes you have to make big fixes that trouble your renters. Try along with the workers to make it not as hectic for your residents.
  • Always keep your promises. If you promise your tenants something, try to uphold that promise, because this way you can build trust and a long-term relationship. This way your residents will be made to feel more at home and will try to behave better.
  • Always inform you future residents beforehand on the good and the bad sides of the house you are renting. Sometimes showing that you have intimate knowledge about the space adds to the trust and also the renter will feel safe that you were honest with him.
  • Always act polite and be kind to your tenants, don’t be overbearing, don’t impose too many house rules that might hinder their comfort. Always talk to them, ask them if they have any peculiar needs and desires, because this will keep you informed or at least alert if any damage will happen on the property.
  • Give the renter some creative power in decorating their home, let them paint the walls in a desired color, especially if they have a lease on a longer term. Keep open channels of communication with them, so they can always feel free to ask you about such things. Always discuss with them beforehand what they can modify and what they cannot. Some landlords are keen on keeping the walls spotless, and might be against pictures on the walls. You need to make these rules clear with your tenants, but always give them some liberty so they can feel at home.

Open channels of communication, kindness and trust are the basis for a flourishing renter-landlord relationship.